Dear Me – A letter to my pre-children self

You’ve all seen it.  The celebrities that write reflective, retrospective letters to their ‘teenage selves’.  Typically full of pointed advice about first loves, drug habits and hairstyle fashions, smattered with some heartfelt sentimental moments that make you squeeze out a little tear and go ‘awwwwww.’

The teenage version of me was only interested in rugby and girls, and I highly doubt that he would take the time to even read some advice from present day me – let alone take it on board.  Besides, the teenage version of me, while an arsehole at the time, actually turned out reasonably ok without the need for any advice from present day me. That’s why I decided I’d have more luck writing to ‘post-marriage / pre-children me’  of circa 2008 instead.  He’s more likely to actually read the damn thing in the first place, and there are more than a few things that he really needs to know. So here goes….

Dear 2008 Me.

So by now you’re ticking along pretty nicely.  You’ve finally got around to making an honest woman out of that gorgeous girl you’ve been knocking around with for what seems like forever. Your career is on the up and people are starting to sit up and take notice of you in the corporate world.  You’ve got a pretty chunky mortgage, but you might as well get used to that because you’ll have it for a while.

Even though you think you’ve got it pretty well wired, there’s still a few things that I should really give you the heads up on before the next phase of your life comes along and kicks your arse.

Firstly, you’re not busy.  Let me say that again.  You are not busy.  I know you feel busy, but you’re going to look back on this period at some point and you will wonder WTF you ever did with all of that spare time.  With this in mind, you need to make better use of the freedom that you currently enjoy.  Sleep in as much as possible, because soon you will be willing to sell your soul for a sleep in past 6am.  Also, be more spontaneous.  Nothing kills spontaneity like small children, when even a quick trip to the shops can feel like a huge logistical operation.  And never say no to an invitation from a friend.  You’ll get plenty of practice at making excuses and saying no to things once the kids arrive.


As well as busy, there’s something else that you’re not. Tired.  There’s times where you might’ve felt a bit weary after a hard day at work or a big night on the beers, but that’s nothing compared to the ‘drive 20 minutes to work (with baby vomit on your business shirt) and not remember any of it’ kind of tired that’s still to come. It’s no wonder that some armies use sleep deprivation as a form of torture, and you will have moments where you feel like you’re being tortured, except that your torturer will be in nappies rather than combat fatigues.  Remember this before you tell your friends with kids how tired you are, and they will be more likely to remain your friends, and less likely to fantasise about choking you to death.


Be more empathetic and less judgemental. You can start with your sister-in-law and her husband, as well as your other friends with children.  They’re all f*cking amazing parents, and you need to pull your head out of your arse and be a bit more supportive.  They will repay it to you tenfold in a few years time when your own offspring arrive so the least you could do is lend them a helping hand once in a while and cut them some slack.

You’ve got no business saying things like “when we have kids we won’t let them change our lives…”.  Your kids are going to turn you into a completely different person (mostly for the better) and will piss all over your pre-conceived notions and your social life for many many years.

Your dog is a legend.  You know this already, and that won’t change into the future.  What will change however is the amount of attention you can spare him.  This may be hard for you to believe right now, but when the kids arrive, you will actually love them more than the dog. Crazy huh?  He will slide down the pecking order in your affections, but you’ll always remain number one in his.  Don’t just ignore him and step over him when he’s lying in the doorway, and make sure you’re there for him in his hour of need.  Also, don’t leave a whole kilogram of playdough lying around.  He is a Labrador. He will eat all of it.

Take up Crossfit. Today. It will hurt a lot but it is the gateway to a better version of yourself in every respect and will introduce you to an amazing support network (some would say “cult”) of like minded people.  It’s also an incredibly time-efficient form of exercise for when the kids arrive.  And on that topic you can kiss those leisurely 4+ hour bike rides goodbye. You look like a tool in lycra anyway and your balls and backside will thank you for it.

What none of the parenting books will tell you is that husbanding is even harder and more important than parenting when the little fockers first arrive. So work your arse off to be an attentive, supportive and loving husband and the parenting thing will fall into place for you.  Trust me on this.

You’re going to spend a lot of time gazing at your children while they’re sleeping or otherwise pre-occupied, and wondering how the hell something so astonishingly beautiful could possibly be 50% attributable to you and your balls. You’ll also spend a lot of time wondering if others are looking at you and your kids and wondering the same thing.  They are, but that’s ok.

Lastly and most importantly, I want you to know that I’m really excited for you because you’re about to learn to love in a way that you can’t possibly comprehend right now, and it is truly amazing. Sure you love your wife, your parents, your dog, the All Blacks, but nothing can prepare you for the depth or intensity of the love that you will feel for your kids.  Embrace this feeling and throw yourself headlong into this next phase with whole hearted enthusiasm.  I promise you won’t regret it.


Future Me.

PS – You’ll be pleased to know that the All Blacks will shake the “choker” tag and will go back to back in the 2011 and 2015 Rugby World Cups, so don’t bother losing any sleep worrying about that.  Your son will end up supporting the Wallabies and that wound will take some time to heal, but you will find some comfort in the fact that they keep losing to the All Blacks.


Author: Daddingeveryday

I'm a full time Stay at Home Dad based in Perth Western Australia. I'm taking a sabbatical out of the rat race to join the human race for a little while. Daddingeveryday documents some of my experiences, observations, highs and lows as I embark on this new adventure of dadding every day.

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